34 thoughts on “Carbon Fiber vs Wood – Guitar Tone Comparison!

  1. Great sound check. With $10 PC speakers I could clearly hear the difference. One sounds like Twisted Sister and the other Led Zeppelin. You figure out which is which lol. I'm leaving room for people who's taste is up their ass to choice the wrong band.

  2. Sounds to me like the two would compliment one another well when played together. The wood sound stronger in the bass. The carbon fiber has very crisp highs and would be great playing a higher melody over the "lower" chords of the wooden guitar. The carbon fiber would cut through beautifully.

  3. The carbon seems really expensive.  However, after reading some reviews, the stability of such an instrument does have it's place.  Not having to tune for weeks is a nice "feature" and you really can take these guitars anywhere without worrying about surroundings.  I reckon they could improve the tone further by making a frequency compensating/enhancing "cone/shape" inside the body of the guitar (might happen when clever dudes work on it).  Interesting, but, too pricey right now.

  4. I think that the wooden guitar wins for sound. But, that doesn't mean that the carbon fiber one sounds bad. Also, the carbon fiber one makes up for it sounding worse than the wood, by being able to have a constant sound in extreme weather conditions.

  5. No two guitars sound alike, even if you play 5 carbon fiber guitars that are identical. Every guitar I've ever picked up has it's own personality no matter how subtle the difference. I actually liked the sound of carbon fiber better in this video but liked the sound of a Taylor I heard better in another video compared to carbon fiber. Tone is subjective anyway. Some people like dark guitars like Martin's and some people prefer really bright guitars like Rainsong.

  6. No contest, the Stonebridge wood beats out the carbon fibre. Carbon fibre sounds not bad, but more like a cheaper $500 plywood acoustic. Not possible to surpass the resonance and frequencies of the finest woods. Ever heard of Stradivarius?

  7. You can't really compare sound of instrument by listening to them in you tube. Microphone doesn't capture all harmonies and it will never be the exact sound. After that sound should be converted to digital data by a method called sampling which slices the continuous sound into limited range values. Till now the loss of data is minor to what happens next. The data should be compressed (into mp3 for example) to save storage space and network bandwidth. In this step much of the sound data is disposed. At the end the capability of you sound card and speakers are important in the quality of produced sound. These aside the this wooden guitar sounded nicer than that carbon rig.

  8. Considering how long people have been making wood guitars, the carbon fiber guitar didn't sound too bad against the wood, at least much better than I expected.
    i was expecting more of a sound of ovation like which I don't really care for.

    You don't design a wood to sound good as a guitar(you choose the wood) but you can design a synthetic material to sound better as a guitar.
    Maybe in the future, synthetic material comes in to common place as a material for guitar.

    Good example of synthetic material vs. natural material is of cotton vs. polyester.
    Cotton is a cotton is a cotton no matter how they grow it, but they can make polyester in all different kind depends on what you use it for.

    If they can make a top material of guitar to be thin yet strong and with low density from synthetic, it would be, theoretically, sound better.

  9. Great video. I prefer the wooden guitar in this video of course, but I suppose it all depends on the make and model. Wooden guitars sound vastly different from one another (body shape, wood species, construction, etc), and I suppose the same is true for carbon composite instruments. The way Rainsong makes guitars is different from Composite Acoustics, which is different from McPherson, which is different again from Emerald. Each of those companies has different models in their lineups as well.

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