21 thoughts on “Leo Kottke–Ring Ring

  1. Hi D-T-F,
    Saw Leo at the Birchmere in Alexandria, VA last evening. Still great after all these years. Playlist included "Rings" which I consider (along with Pamela Brown) to be one of his best vocal covers.

  2. I saw Mr. Kottke in a double bill w Michael Hedges on Valentines Day 1988 @Smith College in Northampton, MA… my job was driving me seriously bonkers, and I walked in to the show with my sweetheart on my arm, but I was in extremely dire straits. Fortunately for me: (1) My girl friend was a seriously wonderful woman, and (2)  Leo was the opening act, and about the 4th or 5th tune he played Ring Ring Telephone Ring.. it was so joyful, it cleansed my soul and brought me back to life. I never forgot it. Listening to this vid beings it all back in the best of ways. Thank you for this post. Leo really is SOMETHING. One of a kind.

  3. I've seen him a half dozen imes now. The first was the best, at college, smallish audience, tho the auditorium was packed. He opened with vaseline machinegun– no slide, just the 12 string and the dancing fingers. I had never seen anyone move hands that fast until Eddie van Halen came along. But they play totally diffent music, so….. Leo has aged well but slowed as shown by his use of the slide which he'd never have done in younger days. However he does it, I love Leo.

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