34 thoughts on “Michael Jackson ROCK WITH YOU Guitar Play Along Cover/Lesson EricBlackmonMusicHD YouTube

  1. Thanks for skipping the verbose introduction and getting right to it. This is perfect for those of us that already know how to play a little. No need for the third finger on the sixth fret of the g string blah blah.

  2. Wow, this is great – the way the different videos (chords shapes, song playalong) work together! The last few days I've been playing Good Times by Chic, but this is far more exciting and challenging. Great chords aren't they? And that key change. I'm having so much fun. Thanks!

  3. Finally! Someone plays and teaches funk and R&B! Thank you! I love MJ, The Commodores, and funk. I could not find anything on YouTube until I found you. I'm only playing 2 months and find your videos very helpful. Thanx for doing this great work. You are touching many lives and bringing joy and education to us all.

  4. What a great song to teach Eric. Can't wait to fire in on it. I remember when I had the Thriller cassette right after it came out. I left the door unlocked on my car and somebody stole it. If they needed it that bad I would have gave it to them ya know? LOL that time period was such a great part of my life. Thanks as always my brother.

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