44 thoughts on “Symphony No.25, 1st mvt, W. A. Mozart (classical guitar arrangement by Emre Sabuncuoğlu)

  1. A natural piece for the classical guitar. It has a triad of simplicity that shines the full spectrum of a legitimate Mozart piece-from E to E. It has the player under such exuberance of white light from that triad of simplicity.

  2. Just great! Best version of this piece by far on youtube.

    Does someone have tablatures of this?? I've tried to copy this just by looking how Emre plays it, but he is a few thousand lightyears ahead of me =)

    Considering to learn how to read sheets because of this Symphony No.25 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart <3

  3. I have always loved Mozart's Symphony 25, 1st, but have never thought of looking it up for guitar before now.  Your presentation is excellent. As a guitarist I most admire your playing.  I must admit, before looking this up and listening … I took a few tokes of ganja.  🙂  Mix ganja, Mozart and classical guitar for a mind blowing experience 🙂

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