Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath, 1984 during Black Sabbath File Photos in Long Beach, United Kingdom. (Photo by Chris Walter/WireImage)

Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath, 1984 during Black Sabbath File Photos in Long Beach, United Kingdom. (Photo by Chris Walter/WireImage)

Tony Iommi, Black Sabbath’s legendary axeman, is joining the cast of Guitar Star, a new U.K. talent competition.  The guitarist will act as a mentor to the show’s contestants along with Lee Ritenour and Rodrigo y Gabriela.  The winner of the nine-week competition, which premieres June 9th on the Sky Arts Channel, will play on the main stage at the Latitude Festival in Henham Park, Suffolk from July 16 – 19.

Iommi says he’s looking for a guitarist “who plays from the soul” as opposed “to somebody learning every single note and getting everything perfect.”  Check out this clip to hear more of what Iommi thinks makes a great guitarist.


Stratocaster (via npr)

Quick: Name an American product that’s had a worldwide impact, is more popular than ever, yet still looks the same as it did when it was introduced more than a half-century ago? Here’s a hint: It might be the only musical instrument whose fame rivals that of the people who’ve played it.

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It’s March already. Can you believe it? Time flies quickly when you’re having G.A.S., or so my Grandma used to say. We hope this latest edition of the GearHead Gazette finds you well and enjoying the tail end of winter. Here in the Northeast, we have friends that have a rallying cry of “Time for GroundHog stew”- it would appear 4 weeks out from GroundHog day, our furry little friend may have been mistaken but far be it from me to prognosticate the weather. Read more

John LeVanTips and Tone

Winter – Set up; You’ve Lost that Unplugged Feelin’

By John LeVan

Has Your Guitar Lost It’s Magic?

So, this past Christmas, you got the guitar of your dreams, but for some reason, it doesn’t play as well as it did when you first got it. Sound familiar? Over the past several weeks, this is exactly what I’m hearing from my customers. My shop is full of great guitars that have been ravaged by the extreme weather changes we’ve all seen since Christmas. Here are a few tips to restore the magic your guitar has lost.

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Notes from the Director

November 2011

Nothing like the smell of woodsmoke in the air to get your Autumnal emotions rolling. Halloween was a mere blink of the eye  (geez I do miss the former regularity of the Frank Zappa Halloween Concerts – RIP Frank) and you know what that means. CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and more,  all across the country, have broken out Christmas decorations whilst we’re dreaming of turkey, football relatives whilst nicking a few Butterfingers and Baby Ruth bars from the leftover Halloween jar. But I digress – there a few guitar shows remaining so keep an eye out for those. MORE IMPORTANTLY – it’s time to break out your humidification for those acoustic instruments. Don’t Forget!!!


Summer is just around the corner!

After what has been a very turbulent and stormy spring, many of us are looking forward to a warming trend with less rain, less erratic weather and maybe a little beach time or possibly a little down time from the 9-to-5. Read more


Time to get a little atmospheric tone for your signal chain. Courtesy of the kind folks over at The Guitar Broker, we’re putting the classic Dunlop Roto-vibe up from grabs.  Read more


Pack your stuff, we’re oscar mike…

Wait, no, don’t pack anything, just breathe, maybe read a book and we’ll do all the packing.

The What : Gbase and all its stuff is moving to some shiny new servers and updates to our entire infrastructure. We’ll have solid state drives (wicked fast), the latest Windows Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008, .NET Framework 4.0, oh, I’m getting woozy.

The Why: A hosting environment is a bit like a house, you unpack all your stuff into it and get accustomed to where everything goes and who the neighbors are. But these houses age quickly and across town there are new houses with skylights and better sidewalks. Moving is a hectic process, but have you seen the new bathtub?

The When: From the evening of 3/24/2010 to somewhere around the morning of 3/26/2010. Moving our stuff only takes a day but the post office takes forever to deliver visitors to our new address (that’s dns propagation for the geeks).

The Panic Button: Please let us know if you run into any persistent problems, we’ll do our best to get them resolved as soon as possible. Just send an email to and that’ll create a “ticket” in our help desk that won’t go away until you are satisfied.

I’ll be posting status here throughout the move, check back if you need more info.


Gbase Web Sherpa

winter_seal2WINTER 2009 –  Happy Holidays – I hope this Gazette finds you filled with the spirit of the impending holiday plus a dose of  G.A.S. for extra measure! There’s nothing quite like it when it comes to the holidays because not only will you inevitably stumble upon dozens of pieces of gear you’ll want, but now you have a legitimate excuse to inform your loved ones know just what you’d like to find nicely gift wrapped at some point in the not-too-distant future.

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SealIT’S AUGUST ALREADY? Holy Fuzzface? How did that happen? Well time flies when you’re having fun and although the weather in the Northeast has been a little less than cooperative, it’s still been a great summer. We took in some good music at Grey Fox, saw Springsteen, Crooked Still, The Steeldrivers along with some good local music. Never seems to be enough time to get to do the many things on the ole’ list.

Not only is it August already but it is the 40th Anniversary of one of the most iconoclastic music gatherings ever Read more