46 thoughts on “The Coolest Sounding Scale

  1. Cool video! I'm a big fan of Trevor Rabin and he often ascends with the harmonic minor, pauses momentarily and descends with the minor pentatonic as fast as he can throw it out. He picks everything as well so it really snaps. A good example of this is at the end of "Hold On" on Yes' 90125 album.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. "Even though technically the theory sais You`re not supposed to be able to do that"- That`s why I`m not a fan of music theory. What we call music theory is just an awful incomplete try to describe music but it can`t.

  3. Well shit, thanks for the pat on the back! Haha when I was almost done tracking guitars for my first album, my producer comes out of nowhere and turns around like broooo, I just realized most of this album is A harmonic minor. My dumbass "English man, I don't understand."

  4. I live in the united states:) I come to your awesome channel all the time because i believe you are an amazing teacher and cause i want to enrich my learning experience with solid theory principles and fun. keep up the good work! (p.s. really cause you're funny…funny looking:)

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