41 thoughts on “The Gear I Use

  1. Can you do some kind of series on how amplifiers work, and what makes a good or bad amplifier? I have no idea how to start on that, and I'm like a 10+ year bassist. I need the equipment to match my ability, but any time I ask anyone, they tell me "you just have to sit down with one." I get that, but I don't know what I'm looking for once I do sit with one.

  2. this is so cool! It would be great if you made a video talking about your way in life (i find really interesting what you said about playing guitar in a hospital, going to australia…) πŸ™‚

  3. I fell in love with telecasters when I first hear "Green Onions". This was the (long) pre-internet days, so I had to go to a library, fond out who recorded Green Onions, then who was the guitar player in Booker T & The MGs, then I had to find a picture of Steve Cropper playing the guitar – then I had to borrow the book, take it to my local music store and tell the salesdude THAT was the guitar I wanted. When he told me how much it was, I had to work walking greyhounds for two years to save up for it! I have to say, it wasn't the greatest Tele (mid 80's Teles just weren't) – really dead at the neck pickup and waaaaay too much lacquer but I had me a Tele and that was mission accomplished. I'm on my second one now (much better American Standard that I have modded a little) but once you go Tele, you never go back.

  4. I thought i remember you saying you lived in Winnipeg in a past video! That's funny i've been watching your videos for a while now and you've been right here in my city all along. We should meet up for a blues jam night at the Windsor or Times Change'd or something sometime dude!

  5. Lovely gear. Like you i really can get "rid" of my older gear, i know many players just end up selling their first guitar, but i still have mine and still love it.

    I can't play like you though, sadly.

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