10 Riffs That’ll Make You Grab Your Guitar!!!


  1. Martin Williams

    Great vid , gonna learn that scorpions song great band , thanks for the cool vid dude

  2. kikkauazza

    Great playing Robert . I always enjoy you videos and watch regularly . Beautiful les Paul btw !

  3. Bary Bowman

    Ronnie Montrose was so under rated and that 73 Montrose album is classic still one of my all time favs…Sammy should have stayed with him longer…

  4. willo wilson

    Love these videos ! It really gives a boost of motivation and inspiration for me to continue to make progress. Keep up the good work 🙂

  5. Blue Rock

    Hi Robert Baker, You've got a nice rockin sound, I notice you have a fair bit of JOYO gear is that what you're playing through?

  6. Mangaheld

    To be honest, those riffs didn't "make me grab my guitar".
    Probably because I've listened to them thousands of times. :'D
    Maybe a few newer songs the next time?
    That's one hell of a beautiful Les Paul though.

  7. PuneBear Games

    Hey Robert! A couple months ago I asked if you would make a beginner Mötley Crüe riffs video and you said you would… Not trying to be rude but I was wondering when I could expect that…

  8. Matt Tobin

    Robert I noticed you said you aren't a Gibson guy but dude you rock on that les paul! Cmon Gibson is the greatest!

  9. Mal Reynolds

    RUSH and Ratt…. the only two decent choices on this list.
    No IRON MAIDEN? No SYMPHONY X? No Judas Priest? No Annihilator? No Pantera? No Megadeth?
    You fail.

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