10 Riffs That’ll Make You Grab Your Guitar!


  1. typedeaf

    You realize you played Paradise City instead of Monkey Business, at the end.

  2. Ann Hinz

    Robert, I was in your live stream and asked you to play You're All I Know and you said you didn't know how to play it?! You just uploaded it!!!

  3. Jaylen Cadalin

    Hey Rob what is that blue guitar you use in some of your videos? Like the blue wooden guitar looks sick might get one

  4. Pussy Lord

    My neighbours loved these riffs so much they threw a brick through my window so they can hear me better

  5. semiLivedj

    Could you learn In The Mood by Rush? I am learning but want to see another take on it. It would be great if you did. Thanks.

  6. Mr. Benden.

    If I had a penny for every time the word epic came up in this video I'd be a frikin billionare

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