2 Point Scale System for Guitar


  1. AWitty PIlot

    Hey Mark….this is awesome…and made me look at some other things. I've been practicing all wrong in some ways.  Don't know why I've never noticed it before but there's really only one way yo coordinate your ear and the fretboard and that's sing it at the same time you're playing.  I started messing with this yesterday and it already made a big difference in my playing.  I practiced for 15 minutes and then jammed with tunes for an hour…..I noticed I was playing better right away.  Look out Eddie!  I'm comin baby!

  2. Joe V

    i think you should do WAY more "theory like stuff" .. : ) .. (i'll look on your channel) I did your chord tone lessons over the weekend and it all became very clear very quickly! You have a gift of translating/explaining/teaching things very well, thank you!

  3. Mud Wiser

    Another great lesson Mark! I love your thinking with the blank fretboard page… visualization is a huge part of learning. Plotting the positions on the fretboard solidifies the learning and engrains it in our heads. Great stuff!

  4. Mitch Haman

    Om my that is exactly what I do on the very few things I do that sound good. One of my many problems is, everything sounds the same. I mean, can we go out of the major scale slightly to add something different?
    Thank you for all the work you do with your videos. I appreciate it very much Mark.

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