Thunderstruck Solo – ACDC – Guitar Lesson


  1. Angus Modra

    thanks bro, u r such a good teacher because u actually say were to placde your fingers. AWESOME!

  2. RICK J

    I will never charge anybody to show them a lick, and will never pay, i think music is a gift.

  3. Alex ran

    man this is great,the best tutorial on tube,slow,and you explain everything well,good job…..i hope you make lot of video's

  4. Cam Kenyon

    ive played enough acdc to know that 99.9999999999999999% of angus young's guitar solos are on the penetonic scale

  5. Logan Birchfield

    thank you so much i dont know any scales or theory and this video made me be able to learn my first solo!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jtother777

    @Luthdrix gotta love 70's and 80's rock and metal, they have some very well written guitar solos. Maybe as a suggestion/request "Separate Ways" By Journey, the guitar solo also pretty short and It would get great to learn (just a little on the advanced side)

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