RED: Anthony Armstrong Guitar Lesson – Faceless


  1. 오스틴

    Sounds a lot like don't stay by linkin park too. Love this song and love the band! I've seen you guys live a few times and it was the best show I've ever seen.

  2. Gpc Zeppelin

    THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR EVERYONE: You have to tune your guitar to Drop B: B F# B E G# C# (from lower string to higher string). or if you own the song and you don't feel like tunning lower than Drop C (C G C F A D) just use audacity to put the song a half step (semi-tone) higher

  3. LightRedefined

    Is there like a website where I can find every guitar brand and guitars made by that brand, because I don't even know crap about different types of guitars.

  4. PerryMac82

    I really want to see the chords for this, the Ultimate Guitar website isn't the same

  5. madman2108

    Either that guitar is an extremely small neck or Anthony has really big hands

  6. Jasmin

    I am so in love with that fucking awesome band
    Greetings from Germany ♡

  7. creeddude98

    Anthony, please! You need to do more of these videos, especially of songs on Release the Panic!

  8. StAiND4LIFE1000

    I don't think so!
    I think the semi-acoustic guitars are at least semi-hollow for instance Ben Burnley's guitar

  9. Hellbat Schilt

    I think it's so awesome that he's teaching us how to play these songs for ourselves. 😀

  10. Luiz Henrique

    ;D RED é minha banda favorita, tomara que eles venham no Brasil mesmo!
    pena que é difícil achar alguém que conheça RED por aki no Brasil :'(

  11. Luiz Henrique

    Anthony, you are amazing! I am a big fan of yours, Brazil loves RED!!

    Anthony, você é incrivel! sou um grande fã seu, o Brasil ama RED!!

  12. Jacob Travis

    Definitely need to show us how to play songs off of your new album "release the panic"!

  13. Biffstary

    Than the SE line, maybe. But the American-made PRS' are tough to beat.

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