Soundgarden – Fell On Black Days – Guitar Lesson (with TABS)


  1. Shimon Raziel

    i love you man nice leason, better then be stuck on your own infront of shitty tabs lmao, thanks.

  2. Nicholas Apostoleris

    You are a talented teacher (likely in your second or third language) as well as really getting the notes and FEEL for these songs. Thank you.

  3. heat mizer

    theres A loya , and when I say alota , I mean humdreds of guitar tutorials on the net , but ur style , and technique , has by far, shown me more of what I neede to know…its direct and to the point withouit going off on a tangent like alota other sites do…  I truly appreciate what ur doin bro…thankyou for sharing…

  4. Joe Rose

    could u teach burden in my hands I can't find anyone on here that will teach that

  5. joe zuniga

    Dude you are very analytical with your teachings love you're vids keep it up.

  6. Kane6676

    I cannot believe how difficult soundgarden songs are. Been playing for years and I get get this or black hole sun for shit

  7. Jason Jewell

    RIP Chris still can't believe the news. Here to learn this song in memory of Chris. He was an amazing artist and will forever be missed.

  8. A Face in the Crowd

    the use of such dissonant partial chords is ingenious — and the groove just sucks you in. brilliant. the best thing they ever did.

  9. Jaw Tooth

    Thank you for posting this!  I've been following your lesson and got most of the song down pretty well.  I am smoothing it out now.  Great lesson!

  10. Cheezor

    I think this is the most accurate lesson for this song on Youtube. Thanks!

  11. Bugs Bunny

    Can't thank you enough, really great lesson. Love this song & I can't believe I'm actually playing it.

  12. Elgen

    Nice! I would also love to see a Blac Rain cover. Cheers! 🙂

  13. nnina nninna

    thank you for this really amazing lesson.!! tell me when you'll come to Paris, I'm waiting for you 🙂

  14. Brandon S

    Thanks for taking the time to do the lesson. It was very helpful to learn the song quickly for an upcoming gig. God bless.

  15. LeeAT430

    Hi, great lesson. I am having a hard time setting the right tone to get the exact tone to this song. What amp settings to you have this tuned to get this ? Does anyone else ?


  16. MrMarbic

    Thanx a lot! Not only is your tutorial sonically correct but you managed to make me learn the riff the proper way easily after years of playing it the wrong way (and memorizing it mechanically the wrong way). Rock on!

  17. GuitarForce.Com

    Hey! The facebook page is up now (, so we can discuss music there. Peace!

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