Arch Enemy – The Eagle Flies Alone guitar by Alex Schmeia


  1. Rodolfo Loera

    You're so good!! You play so precise!! I always get to see girls that play sloppy, at least a little, but you are the best of them all!! lmL


    Hola princesa, me encanta como tocas la guitarra, algún día estaré tocando así, me das mucho animo verte tocar así.

  3. Hugo Lehue Aro

    you can get the necromaniac theme of exhumed if you can love you just like you play great but the old is the best thing that the new greetings of chile 😙😚🎸😎🤘

  4. Collin Kinsella

    Awesome job!!! I especially loved the parts where you added a 2nd video for the guitar harmonies. I was also wondering whose signature is that on your guitar?

  5. flavy1000

    I love Arch Enemy´s duets as much as I love Alissa´s voice and stuff..Thanks again for sharing true metal!!

  6. Trevor Gustine

    I have been watching your videos for a while now, so I decided to finally sub lol I love you! Keep up the great content!

  7. r0b690

    Where are these awesome chicks that actually like metal? It seems like they all love poppy shit.

  8. Mr Smith

    Вооо тупые , тут брынькание под запись на лицо…

  9. Augustus Pablo

    мне одному кажется что она нихера не играет? ритм гитара не отличается от студийки

  10. Zachary Thompson

    What kind of amp/effects are you running? You sound so close to the original song well played!

  11. samuel berisa

    wow, you are an amazing guitarist, how many years you practice to be like taht, can you make a cover of kamelot – citizen zero???

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