Arpeggiated Picking – Beginner Guitar Lesson


  1. tsewnahtan

    good lesson. But how do you pick 2 strings at the same time? Let's say the 5. and 6. string: both with the pick? and what about the 4. and the 6. string? Which finger do you use? thanks

  2. GuitarLessons365

    @iheartdjent Hey thanks for watching!! At the time I shot this video I had a Dimarzio Fast Track 2, Pro Track and Chopper in my EJ Sig. Fender Strat. I have recently put the original single coils back in it though. Can't make up my mind which ones I prefer. Cheers!! Carl..

  3. Shawn Dillon

    good lesson, im surprised you dont have too many views.
    what pickups are in that guitar?

  4. GuitarLessons365

    Thanks A Lot. I can do the entire Pink Floyd piece if anyone is interested. If you haven't heard it yet, check it out, it is really nice and quite simple. The songs title is "Is There Anybody Out There?"

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