“Get Back” – Adam Rafferty – Beatles Solo Fingerstyle Guitar


  1. Mark Valentine

    Awesome Adam. Just can't work out why the two capos? doesn't look like its half capo. ??????

  2. stringbender57

    So amazing how you capture every nuance that makes these songs stand out. You really capture the feel and groove that is specific to each song. You are a VERY gifted arranger and performer. Love your style!

  3. SouthpawGuitarman

    Hey Bro played that tune in my H School year in 83. Back then I was strictly rhythm didn't know how to make it cry or sing😁


  4. Kees Boer

    Wow!!!! That's very good…. I'm going to buy a second capo!!! jajjajaa

  5. Anthony DeVito

    I love this arrangement! It's my goal to learn it. I'm a member of your website. Do you offer tab lessons through it? Or any hints? Standard tuning chord changes etc… Love what you do and your groove!!

  6. rocketpost1

    Just brilliant. You packed every single nuance of the song into 3 minutes. Great feel and perfect arrangement. What a player you are !.

  7. Adam Mole

    absolutely class you got yourself another fan keep up the good work

  8. Christopher Murdock

    You're great man. What makes you stand out is not just technical ability, but also the way you incorporate rhythm into you arrangements. I can't listen to your stuff without tapping my foot. Well done.

  9. M. O.G.

    u r like the ronaldinho of finger picking……always have a smile on your face 😀  

  10. Ryan692

    This is incredible man. Never stop arranging songs. You are just too good and play with a lot of passion. Thanks for sharing and keeping great music alive!

  11. Александр Ересько

    Адам, дружище, 1000 балов. Бесподобная аранжировка!!! Скину ссылку Маккартни – даже его эта прекрасная мелодия порадует и напомнит молодость. Спасибо., великолепно.

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