How to Improvise – Basics Part 7 – Cm7 – Jazz Guitar Lesson by Achim Kohl


  1. Junior Palma

    No Brasil dizemos… Top, Top, Top…. que quer dizer, Vc merece toda a nossa adimiração!

  2. Achim Kohl

    Hi folks, here is Part 7 from my Youtube basic lessons, improvising over Cm7
    the third chord in a IIm7b5 – V7b9 – Im7 progression in C minor. The lesson shows you the C minor scale, the C minor pentatonic and the Cm7 arpeggio and how to create interesting jazz lines with this material. A lot of examples, 21 jazz licks and a complete 24 bar solo in the end. As always the tabs and the jam track is available in my online store. All the best for your playing wherever you are !

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