Lead Guitar | Beyond the Pentatonic Scale with Modes and Legato


  1. Oscar 0000

    Can you teach how to play still loving you bye scorbion pls it would be so great

  2. Xxgolden DragonxX

    Epic vid as always Marty! I was wondering if you'd be able to do an acoustic cover of hoobastanks the reason, that song has been a favorite of mine for a long time and I've been wanting to learn it for a while, and I learn best from your vids. Keep up the awesome work man, you are an epic teacher!!🌟

  3. Michael Davis

    You aren't still with Guitar Jamz are you Marty? I just see you advertised on their website sometime. Just wondering…:)

  4. BaileysMariner

    Lovely stuff – weirdly, I had found myself naturally dropping that half step on the D and G string, it sounded tasty but it was hard to know where it fit in. This little dash of theory has done the trick.

    Also – strum that Am > D progression slowly then throw an open E in; use that exact scale Marty is playing to sound out the melody and you've got EARTH SONG.

  5. Shalom Akos

    Marty shwartz God bless you man! For the past 4 years, your videos have helped me to reach where I am today.. You rock!!

  6. Jadon Santelices

    Hi Marty music, I would just like to recommend a song i miss you so by cesar manalili and do a tutorial on it. Love your videos btw

  7. Red Fish

    Could you do a tutorial on "In One Ear" by Cage the Elephant?

  8. Jack Pinnix

    Your videos are really helpful, do you think you could do a lesson on bron yr aur?

  9. Drew Mehall

    Dear Marty,

    you’re the best man, i saw one of your videos about 2 years ago and i saw one of your videos and i’ve you inspired me to learn to play the guitar, i’ve been playing ever since, everything i know i learned from you, thank you so much, i made this you tube account just so i could subscribe to you, thanks for everything you’re my hero, i strive to be like you some day, keep doing what you’re doing we all love it.

  10. Jacob Ivey

    Please please please please do weeping like the Willow from Shannon Hoon plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  11. paxton garman

    Marty can you please do some Eagles song tutorials, any song will do…. maybe some joe Walsh too

  12. Ethan Bradley

    Can you make a lesson for Very Ape by Nirvana? It's one of my favorite's from In Utero

  13. Abhinav Bansal

    Hey Marty, can you make one video lesson on how to play "when a blind man cries" by deep purple

  14. S Hauser

    Very interesting! I never noticed the minor pentatonic fits in that scale. I thought it was only in the minor scale. Thanks!

  15. Paul Hamrick

    Marty, nobody can flow scales the way that you do. Also is it just me or does that G&L sound better than your red Strat? Gotta b hotter pickups right?

  16. jerrin pitts

    Marty you are the SH** I've learned so much from your channel…just wanted to say THANKS man

  17. Matt Craig

    Been subscribed for a little over a month, love the channel! Could you do a dancing days by led Zepplin lesson?

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