Minor Blues Improvisation (from Improvisation Masterclass Vol. 1)


  1. Luan Ferreira

    Cheers Martin! Great playing! I am a proud owner and frequent user of the improv masterclass. Awesome stuff. Quick question: do you have any recommendations (books, dvds, etc) on in-depth study of dominant chords and their alterations in both a comping and soloing context? Could be just for comping or just for soloing as well. Thanks in advance!

  2. Ewan

    Thought this was a Rick Graham vid by the thumbnail

  3. earthlydescent

    This is blues, if Steve Vai were playing it. I'd love to see Martin be able to separate himself from his mechanics and skill, and play a real blues. Dark, soulful, sparse, emotional, conversational. This jazz fusion, like much of what he plays.

  4. SAIBOT64

    Amazing playing, I wouldn’t really call it blurs. More of jazz with some blues inflections.

  5. Don Cooper

    You are so talented! Beautiful music! Please let me know what the make and model is of the guitar you're playing. Also the backing track is great!

  6. Rumba Chumba

    Hey Martin, love your playing style and I've been meaning to pickup this masterclass but I'm unsure if its the right fit for me at my current level of knowledge, would you mind telling me what is absolutely a must know before coming into the course so I can take full advantage of it?

  7. Nino Helfrich

    Aside from the great playing I have to say that this is one of the most beautiful guitar tops ever. Even for a J custom it's just stunning!

  8. Rolando López

    That masterclass is a very good investment! It really change my mind and my point of view of CAGED system 🙂 a lot of work but im close to start learning and studying this solo.

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