“Rainy Day Blues” on my 1959 Stratocaster


  1. Aaron Brown

    Great tone and i like how you display the touch sensitivity by using the volume knob

  2. James Curtis

    I really enjoyed this. Sounded so rich and genuine. Many classic licks sound stale nowadays but that was completely fresh and totally kicked ass.

  3. Kasper Rouser

    Is it just me,but I’ve never played guitar with my legs crossed!! Love you dude!! 🔥🎸

  4. yjmsrv

    Nice to hear you play through a whole video- no talking… we need more of these brother!

  5. Eric Renner

    I'm bored of playing metal and just shredding stupid 3 note per string scales.

    I want to learn to play and visualize the guitar like this. Where do I start? This is exactly the kind of music I hear in my head when I try and write.

  6. Trent Sebastian

    Thinking about getting my own original 59 Strat. About what size and shape is the neck? I like them a bit more on the smaller size

  7. andrew broadhead

    Really cool what you've done today, a little different than normal but equally as fantastic as usual. Can't wait for next week's.

  8. chigimon

    Great feel and playing as ever mate, hope you’re well my friend.

  9. Mark C

    Nice . …jst took my 60s Pro Reverb to the amp tech that works on Derek Trucks stuff .. Can't wait to get it back…

  10. Steven mGyori

    Just viewed again, love it,the smirk at the end reminds me of myself, it's like "alright, could I have done better or different?"Thanks for the work!

  11. Francis Cade

    thanks for this. I have two broken arms so can't play guitar, your videos are getting me through the recovery.

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