Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication (Guitar Cover) (Play Along Tabs In Video)


  1. Tolis12

    Good job mate. Can you tell me where can i find the backing track? Thank you

  2. Gaby McKenzie

    Dude I wanted to listen to this on my school laptop but of course it’s restricted so you saved me from idiotic kids in class.

  3. Lincoln Souza

    Esperava um tutorial com dica mas e apenas o cara tocando com a tablatura embaixo

  4. Zack Parker

    WOW! so freaking good. I just subbed from all my channels! Keep up the good work and there will be more where that came from!

  5. TheUnknown

    I've always wanted an electric guitar but my parents couldn't afford one 🙁 now i work and i just bought my first guitar! It arrives next week! So exited!!!

  6. McPotato

    Your videos are great! All the tutorials (for any song) are either too slow or too fast. Yours are just perfect as you can just pause, rewind and slow the video so it matches your learning rythm. Keep it up!

  7. JJWP 88

    only mistake is the chord at the end of the chorus is Dm9 (xx0560), not Dm

  8. Aidana Is

    That feeling when you can't do the solo because you've got an acoustic guitar and it doent make this cool sound- this up and down thing. Also you only have 17 frets…

  9. Mr.Meeseeks

    What guitar is he using there? The one in the description is a different guitar.

  10. Sergio flores

    How about you show us The Offspring – the kids aren't alright & Slipknot – wait and bleed on both guitar and bass.

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