Robin Trower talks and demonstrates guitar techniques


  1. O.L. Steger

    I never understood in the 70's why Robin was given such a bad rap of copying Hendrix. Yes he was influenced by him but most rock guitarist of the time were. His music is still distinctively his own. LONG MISTY DAYS would have never been a Hendrix tune.

  2. drjimiboy69

    "It's always about trying to make it as soulful as possible." Bull's eye.

  3. Alex T

    The guitar is out of tune on a clean sound… Seriously? I'm absolutely not a hater but this is weird to hear from a remarkable musician.

  4. Kyle Reese

    Trower is so amazing!!  I love Robin and look forward to seeing him in every show on the wet coast in 2018 or 2019 when he returns. His new bandmates are incredibly good!!

  5. stratman 45

    he said he learned from Hendrix to all you guys that think it's the other way around. I listen to Trower and I hear Hendrix….they are both my kind of guitar Gods!

  6. Robert Head

    I've been his biggest fan for many many years. I love this interview. He gives two big hints. And, he does keep getting better. And better. And better!

  7. MrRuss10000

    Ok, once again guy's .He said it not me. That sustaining thing  . His tone is what really I am after. It MAKES SENSE.

  8. MrRuss10000

    Please ::  aside  from his effect's ,talent , touch, amp's, tuning down, thicker string's ,etc. , DO I HAVE TO BUY all his gear to get that Big, Throaty SOUND. .?? Yea, I get it. It's all in someone's hand's. Please ,I don't want to hear that B.S. EVER AGAIN.  

  9. j s

    40 years later – you gotta be kidding.
    Hendrix incarnate..

  10. Dave Robinson

    I think one of Robin's best examples of his lead prowess is from Procol Harum's Home album…Piggy Pig Pig…fantastic build and finish….the whole album is a tribute to his ability as great player…..

  11. Christian Boddum

    Copying Hendrix is hard, but copying Trower is damn near impossible! On the more straight blues-rock things like "rock me baby" it not so hard, but other tunes takes like forever to work out, his positions throws me all the time, ultimately that's a good thing, that means Trower is unique, and he is. 🙂

  12. Andre R. Newcomb

    Neat when they can make a guitar sound like a harp or a ray of light piercing through the clouds.

  13. kedocom

    I grew up with his music and loved it tho I believe I like the new even better than the old …. and his voice sounds as a wise sage of the ages …. fantastic …. and the lyrics are telling of his love for the people …. wonderful 🙂

  14. spitfireaace

    you're right man. copying can actually mess you up… I think the influence is the bigger thing. Get the gist of the style and then make up your own. That's why I never really got into the Tab stuff.. I mean I'm not those people.. but I can listen to their influence…Hugh.. Cheers

  15. LouieLandsCandyTreat

    Incredible Sonic Masterpieces……and proof positive you don't have to play 100mph to be an incredible guitarist.

  16. hogan0407

    One of my favorites since the 70's. He is truly an amazing guitar player, who just seem to get better and better every year. I have everything he has released. And play every one on a regular basis.

  17. Robert Stephen

    Trower My all time favourite after Hendrix. It has been said a million times that Trower was underated for his guitar work purely due to the media highlighting Jimi.
    That may be partially true, but the underworld and I never underated Robin Trower.
    Saw him at the Palais, Melbourne (Aust) last year and he was such an inovation in his playing and spirit, I will never forget. Thanks Robin.

  18. Snotra

    What he means by "sustain" is "feedback" from the rig because generaly strats have sustain of a banjo.

  19. ZazzOffGuitars

    Absolutely my all time favorite guitarist. Not so much his technic, but his taste in guitar riffs and licks ! And such a wonderful hand vibrato !

  20. giffy5775

    What brand of shirt is that, is it custom made like a trade mark? Trower has the coolest shirts.

  21. jeff beck

    Robin thaks for saying you made sure you never copied peoples riffs, cause i feel bad cause I just cant do that anymore. You are a huge influence of mine, I think i sound like Jimi though when i play. I will settle with that i guess lol. Thanks for your great music and leading the way.

  22. fuxgood

    Soul…and it shows Robin. This man plays right from the soul.

  23. photopicker

    Hey Robin I was 16 at Winterland in '75 my first show and it blew me away. Thanks!

  24. belaraymusic

    "the feeling"… "make it soulful"…
    agreed… this is the whole thing…
    is it not that you are playing yourself… you are a feeling soulful person…

    blessings to you…
    be well, happy, and peaceful..
    bela ray

  25. kickinbackinOC

    @rexvisitor44 I think Trower is more refined, more mood and technique, but Jimi was more earthy, violent, raucus emotion.Like day and night, both really good in their own way.

  26. System Of Combat NJ

    Holy cwap, I haven't seen a pic of this dude in at least 30 yrs! What's unbelievable to me is not how different (old) he looks now (and he does), but how in those few notes at the end I could instantly be transported back to the time when I first heard him!

  27. cajunhotrod45

    I just saw Trower for the fifth time in Baton Rouge. Watching him on You Tube is cool but you really need to see him live. It's an incredible experience.Can't wait to see him again.

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