Stop wasting time practicing the major scale: here’s a shortcut!


  1. Showman Marcus

    Since you mention your major influence from Stachelo Rosenberg, I've been also following Stahelo thru his course for two years now so now i'm finally "getting it gypsy guitar" It's a good feeling words can't describe. Thanks Christiaan and thanks Stachelo as we get older everyday we only learn more everyday

  2. Yılmaz Sütcü

    Hi ! How can I solo without backing track ? With backing track I kind of understand chords but without it I can't even understand wht they mean ''hear the chords when soloing ''. I try to emphasize chord tones but it didn't work as it does with backing track. Is it about rhytym or something else how can I manage that ?

  3. KJAJZ06

    Could You please give a few examples and show on what tunes you Can Play so long lines on a 1-chord (Major Chord). Thanx a lot!!

  4. T Raj

    hi christiaan thank you so much for all the great videos you upload
    my gypsy jazz guitar makes a lot of noise when i play
    its sounds like overtones but not in a good way
    any notes?
    thank you

  5. Your Guitar Workshop

    I love your videos Christiaan! Amazing to see how you developed your guitar chops over the years. I teach at a music college now and will definitely be using your videos in support of our program. You should consider a collab with Jens Larsen here on youtube 🙂

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