3 Year Anniversary Shout Out


  1. Gary Southam

    Congrats Dave , i would like one of those shirts…Gooch t-Shirts < i would definitly buy one of those

  2. Pitsoup

    Hey Dave;…How about you get some T-shits made that say something like…I used to be a Goocher…or…member of Goocher's Anonymous. Goocher and Proud of it…Prez of Dave' Goocher Club…No Goocherz were harmed in the making of this video..C'mon people, send Dave your idea's. .LOL…Later man.

  3. Pitsoup

    AAHHAHAHAHAHA….AWESOME DAVE! I like Kraft dinner too. I've been watching you and using you as a reference for my own guitar repairs. Don't know why but I only subscribed today. Sorry:(. Oh yes…CONGRATULATIONS :). I want to thank you for your video's and mostly for sharing them with us GOOCHER'S. LOL. Later man.

  4. crazyuncleduke9

    For all the new subscribers: The first video was " Good ol Kraft macaronini and cheese dinner, hee haw" It had nothing to do with guitar repair but Dave cooked up a winning recipe shortly after.
    Whatever the hell he seasoned that mac and cheese with got us all addicted to his videos. Cheers to Everyone!—Duke

  5. crazyuncleduke9

    3 years ago you told us you would be happy to have 100 subscribers…Now look at at the monster you have created. Over the years, some videos good and some not so good but all in all you made me laugh in almost every one.— Cheers to you and your almost 11000 subscribers….Thanks for keeping us laughing while you teach the important aspects of guitar repair….Duke

  6. Exeter909

    Congrats on 3 years. I'm glad you're addicted to making videos, because I'm addicted to watching them

  7. dmedicFF

    3 years of entertaining and informative vids- congrats Dave!

  8. Unca Stu

    Hey Dave Just a serious note:- Here in Oz we've broken the collective statistics (all States combined) for the longest heat wave. We're burning up- see all the Bush fires on the Eastern seaboard. Poor folk, really bad. Yeh the worlds "A changing"……:(

  9. Unca Stu

    Oh no not Video#1…. Rickenbaker (in yer backers) Vs Fender…. I think it was? Man I'll have to go back & makes sure now……:)
    Does this mean that your channel is going to do what all TV stations do when they run out of ideas…. Do Re-Runs aaarrhggghhh Nooo, where's my Pbass I need to have a serious Jam with a Beer!!

  10. roman14032

    really wierd weather i rode my bike to work, mid jan, in buffalo
    usaully its like the surface of pluto this time of year

  11. Blueshirt

    Yeah, it was a pretty day outside. It was around 70 Β°F down in Georgia.

  12. Andrew 357

    3 years on and still loving the videos – i think im an addict by now lol keep it up Dave

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