A Game Of Thrones Tv Theme – Guitar Lesson / Tutorial


  1. Sumeet Sahani

    the man wants to learn "LIGHT OF THE SEVEN" of the very series. S06E10.
    would you please make a tutorial for it.

  2. merlinsdog

    sorry bud, just found part 2, it's in the description, derr me…so for everyone else who wondered just like me, just click on it & you'll go straight to the relevant page & the video is right there for you to watch. part 2 here I come!!!!

  3. merlinsdog

    I thought you was putting up part 2 after 500 👍 I can't find it anywhere???please help!

  4. Play with Bellatrix

    I was not playing guitar for about 6 years… now i see your tutorial and i wana start play guitar again right now..)))
    Thank you so much!!!

  5. The Master_Mind

    hey guys can anybody help me with the strumming part which is Am to Em that one? I can't get my fingers to strum and pluck at the same time maybe any video that'll help???

  6. Arpit Srivastava

    gareth please upload the final chord shapes tutorial that you just played at last……and the very starting part too……..thanks a lot for this…….waiting for part 2…

  7. ameer mahdi

    It's not that hard for a sungha Jung arrangement it's real fun to learn and play
    I posted a video of my attempt
    Thanks for the tabs

  8. Gabriel Caramalac

    Can you play like "Fabio Lima – Game of Thrones" and teach how to play there tab that he plays? Because is very very similar the original main theme, but he just use 1 guitar. How is this possible? Tks!

  9. emirkaganc

    you are telling like shit just think others who cant play this like you

  10. Roy van Hoof

    Amazing gareth! Can you do a tutorial for "lord of the rings" ? Rohan or concerning hobbits

  11. BigToeMaster

    dude Thx a loot you have learned me more in all your videos then i have learned after 1 year with my musical teacher! Just THX!

  12. William Stevens

    Iv been playing for about 3 years but not very regularly so I'm not that good. However, I found this tutorial very easy to follow and pick up thank you mate. I never thought I could play this!

  13. Hugo Card

    Really love all your video and have learnt a few of your songs.  However the sound quality on this is a little bit too ambient and it's kinda irritating to listen to.  Just wanted to give back honest feedback to help you make more quality videos.

  14. VArsovski10

    The worst thing is that Fret-offset stupid thing..

    Show the basic without any offsets and then show it "translated" at the end just to show the difference or show how it was supposed to sound in the original context..

    Makes a lot more sense.. Not everyone knows what G is on 5th fret, but surely everyone knows what a basic Am is TBH..

    This is for the "classic/advanced" "classic guitar" guys, not even acoustic, but classic..

    It could be a lot broader if it wasn't that stupid fret offset.. I can't even "count" the frets that way TBH, it's too stupid for the learn..

    Regardless of sounding it better – tutorials should always start at the open strings variation IMO.. Not even saying to dumb it down, but surely get rid of that 3rd fret thing for god's sake.. After all it's nothing more than a stylistic thing that SJ does 🙂

    Well – the good thing is I finally got it.. :D, has a few hard to catch "chords" though..

  15. xtrp11trp11xzc63

    Gareth you are honestly the man! I saw Sungha Jung's video of him playing this and right away i thought to myself, "I bet Gareth has a video on this"

  16. quyen pham

    In the tab , there is a chord 1×3215 . anyone know name of that chord ?

  17. Tomáš Maux

    OK, I´m gonna make this! 😀 I can do it 😀 THen, I will post it also, mentioning your name! 😉 

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