Finger Tapping While Holding Chords: Math Rock Tapping, an Introductory Tutorial


  1. Post Production

    Thank you for a very informative lesson! And thanks for the Russian subtitles! It's great that you can listen to what was going on) I Have a few of my video tapping

  2. Alec Licata

    Great stuff as always! Would you mind using a color other than red for the circles on similar future charts? Black and red are hard for colorblind eyes

  3. Diego Luyo

    Oh man! I'm here before Anus Repair Man. Nice Razer mouse there. Can you do a video on Vasudeva style of music?

  4. Psychedelic Pikachu

    Hey Steve! will there ever be a how to write/play like Sleepy Dog? That would be interesting seeing you analyze his method of writing

  5. yeastiality

    cool video, also check out josh martin on youtube for some really advanced wacky tapping stuff
    (it's not maffrock but you could apply the same techniques)

  6. Green Bastard

    Thanks a lot for this. I have a question, I can usually come up with a cool sounding idea/arpeggio, but when trying to expand on that, my licks and phrases always become boring and predictable, and I have trouble mixing it up. Do you have any advice on getting out of the rut playing the same patterns?

  7. Dixit Dominus

    The speed of sound in seawater is an awesome band. Great video also, really useful 😀

  8. Hugo_vcm

    It’s been a while since I haven’t commented on your videos haha

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