1. JackGlacken

    Whatever style you play, you do it with passion, purpose, and conviction. You find things to show, that others never even think about, like repairing a PRS that got damaged by a cat, cleaning, setup, stuff that you don't find anywhere else. That is why I really, really enjoy what you are doing, and appreciate it. That said, would love to see you break down some solos in the future. Rock on

  2. Justin Courtney

    A fitting name. Your channel covers all aspects of guitar..
    My favorites are setups and reviews.
    Keep up the good work Cesar.


    Double thumps up in this case hope your Professor waa not to tough , when we cheated, they ( guitar school, or music shool teacher) gave us a slap or a kick in the old days!!! Plus my support for Gibson is also there! ( last tjme I went back and bought also the 2015 Rs, not Sr…super duper! ( still habe no clue what Rs stands for?) 2 trad Lp..for a reason!!

  4. Bluelightbandit

    Congratulations on 11K! The name will take some getting use to but I'm sure you will do good with it.

  5. Bevis Butthead

    My favorite guitar channel. Thanks for the update. As long as you are the one doing the videos, the name does not matter to me. Thanks for all your great videos. " Cesar All Guitars " better describes your channel though.


    Wondelful explanation and content…love how you place the 2 LPS left and right from you, like two columns..major columns of music or all guitars! Love and do your rubber band exercise…impressed! Wonderful help! HAVE success with Cesar all Guitars!!!! thumbs up!!! ( my thumb is sticking out thumbs up, but need to adjust my thumb at my neck its also sticking out to much there..a real problem?)

  7. RobinO R.A.O

    Great name change Cesar.. Congrats on the channel growth – you fully deserve it. Best of luck to you

  8. Will Kupers

    I get your point. 😉
    When I see all your guitars, to me it's,
    "Cezar's Guitar Palace" haha.
    Take care.

  9. guitargirlkb

    Congrats on 11k subscribers! Cesar not caesar, got it 😁👍 Great channel you've got here. You really are ALL about guitar.

  10. Steven

    Thank you for all you do Cesar. I haven't been able to watch as much recently due to being at University, but I'll always give you a thumbs up regardless of if I was able to watch it. Keep up the great work, it has been awesome watching the channel grow!

  11. 123ubuntu666

    "Beware of the Dog" – LOL

    The little neckerchief is a nice touch as well.

    That's one cute pooch Cesar!

  12. Antonio Cavicchioni

    Ya puse la champaña en el freezer! Long life to "César All Guitar! Enhorabuena y que sigan los exitos! Un abrazote, César!

  13. Cheddar Kung Pao

    Whatever the name the content is top notch. 😁

    When I get back from my upcoming trip I would love to do a Q&A with you like I did with Sean Daniel last night. If you would be willing let me know and we can figure out a day and time in YouTube DMs. 😁

  14. Matt Caldwell

    I like it Cesar. The name does of course reflect the broader range of styles you include in your content,so may it indeed prosper,and rightly so.
    Is it the light,or is bender getting bigger, lol. Beautiful and well mannered dog.

  15. Detroit Wrecker

    Drop the "All" Just "Cesar Guitar" You're covers and guitar work is becoming legendary. You need a legendary name. Just clean "Cesar Guitar" Love you buddy.

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