Green Day – Welcome to Paradise – rock guitar lessons tutorial – Marty Schwartz


  1. Brandon Sullivan

    Your middle finger messing me up. What is the middle fimger doing muting pushing down and all so what about the first string

  2. BerpyDerpy

    Just by watching i was able to fix my left hand situation. Im a beginner btw i have been playing for almost 2 months.

  3. juliejay

    These comments are so old but this video is so relevant & up to date

  4. Elliott Harlow

    Trying to learn this for October the 7th (aka party night)! Never actually had a guitar lesson and I've been learning from you and some stupid beginner book. I'm too poor to afford guitar lessons

  5. Justin Alexander

    I will reach this level soon enouh but ill stick to my acoustic for now lol excellent job marty

  6. Ketan

    When youre in the mood for nothing complicated –> Green Day. Raining power chords.

  7. Christian ortiz fernandez

    GRAAAAAAAAAAACIAAAAAAAAS!!! *O* habia intentado saacar esta cancion hace tiempo y no encontraba ninguna parte donde la enseรฑaran bien jaja y gracias a tii me la aprendii!! :DDDD gracias siguee subiendo videos!! tocas genial!!!

  8. BadDepartureMusic

    also we are working on two new covers that will be out very very soon and two originals are almost done

  9. BadDepartureMusic

    Hey we're Point Blank just we changed our band name so check out this profile we have improved majorly since then

  10. McGraczU

    I love you Marty, thank you for all your work! You make these things so much easier to learn.

  11. LukeBogart

    No, American Idiot and Oh Love are played in standard, but yeah, based on their chord structures it would make sense to be a half step down. But only Dookie, Insomniac, Before the Lobotomy (Song), and 21st CB (Song) are half step down. And 21st CB is only played on a half step down guitar by Billie Joe, but everybody else is tuned to standard.

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