Jazz Guitar Hands-On Lesson #7 – Major to Minor Jazz Guitar Lick – Voice Leading Within the Lines


  1. Jerry Battista

    Hi Marc-Andre, Cool Licks on # 7 issue. Thanks !
    The key idea is to hear the transition of the natural E-note in C Major to the characteristics (guide 3rd) Eb-note in Cm. On that note (no pun intended), I like the original lick but with an ending E-natural note on the first staff line of 'Original Lick', instead of a boring C-root note . Then the second staff line matches up with the characteristic "sad" Eb-note ! It is clearer.

  2. zenncatt

    Hello Marc-Andre,
    I was working on this exact concept for the past few days; really listening for the change from Major to Minor. It dawned on me that it's a good way to incorporate it into a ii-V-I by using the parallel minor tonality on the V7. Thinking this way gives one the Root, b9, #9, 4th, 5,#5, b7 on the V7 chord. Correct me if I'm off. Thank you.

  3. O Xemangas

    Can I ask what kind of guitar and amp and settings you’re using? You have a beautiful sound.

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