Learn How to Play All the Chords in the key of G


  1. Kirk Wrinkle

    Hey, Sean! I have a terrible problem getting my little finger to reach. Could you do a video on improving the reach of the pinkie? It would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Bill Chestnut

    Great lesson!! Made me think..made me try newer things and figure out some mistakes.

  3. Randy Gast

    Seems to me that you are saying that ALL chords are all the people's chords … eh comrade ?

  4. FretMan

    Killer insight man. A lot just seemed to "click" for me while watching you demo and explain this. As someone who is just scratching the surface of theory (chords, scales & modes), this made a lot of random information begin align and begin to make some sense. Thank you for that and yes, Guitar Control and all who participate within it ROCK!

  5. Sapele Steve

    Great lesson Sean & I actually learned something new! So thanks for that………….. 🙂

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