Slow Acoustic Piano Guitar Backing Track In A Minor


  1. CeeCee Rose

    thankyou so much.I really needed to find a backing track so I could write a song for thankyou.would I be able to use it for my youtube obviously will put you in credits and title.would mean alot.

    I sometimes see you
    when no one else can
    i sometimes reach out
    but cant understand

    cause your not there when I need you.needing to feel something.cause your not here when I need you before I want to go again.

    but i made a promise
    and i made a vow
    id look after the ones down here
    but I just dont get how…

    how we went from smiling and laughing to fading and clashing how we went from knowing eachother inside out to only wishing you was here now

    and I wish that I was with you sometimes,but i remember promises of mine.where i said id keep everyone strong like you said you would if I was gone

    but I didnt think It would be so soon.and I said its a mistake when I heard the news.cause I couldnt take the pain inside from hearing the news of my best friend died

    and i checked on your mum the verry next day i saw her and one of your beautiful daughters cheeky face.she had your smile and she has your eyes and all i could do was hold her tight

    i stroked her hair
    and said she looks just like mummy and she smiled like she found my face funny then she opened her arms wide right up
    and right there I didnt feel as numb

    now when they carried the coffin.I felt like I was coughing.choking on breathes that i could not beeathe closing my eyes so I did not see

    because i didnt understand
    and probably never could
    how you were taken
    why it was you thats took

    but i promise the promises that we made.the promises of promising have still stayed

  2. Renata Carone

    great one Tom…very melodic, inspiring ….I said this had a bridge…so it's a chorus? I really don't dig. Your intro always catch me by surprise…you always shoot first.

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