That dang Metallica Disposable Heroes bridge riff lesson! Weekend Wankshop 179


  1. David Severn

    Great work on this. Any chance you could do a breakdown of the main opening riff of Van Halen's I'm The One? That riff is SO hard to get right. The shuffle in that song is something else. Maybe I'm just shit, but your help would be a great help cheers from England!

  2. adamtwelve

    Just found your channel and I had to instantly subscribe. I like how thoroughly and simply you explain everything you're doing, I personally have a hard time just watching someone's hand placements and translating it to my own so it's great that you explain it all.

  3. mitchalmighty

    Awesome breakdown as always. Can you do Pantera Cowboys from Hell. Everybody milks it on the top E, watching live Dime clearly plays it using E,A,D

  4. Pickguard1

    I'm surprised this has tripped people up… Probably one of the few Master of Puppets riffs I thought was straight forward by ear… Great job as usual UB!

  5. John Dick

    Speak of the devil, I was just trying to figure this riff out recently. Thanks uncle ben😃

  6. StirbMensch

    Niiiice, Uncle Ben! Thanks a lot, never figured out how the bloody riff was 100% correct!
    But if you could please also show us the alternate riff, at ~5:05 mark, that small ascending (?) notes riff following Kirk's solo lick/pattern, that would be superb!

  7. Risk Romer

    hey, Uncle Ben, it might be out of your thing but could you make a video on how to play Cruel by PIL?

  8. cuntlicker75

    lol the tabs from the Metallica tab books back in the days are total different

  9. lucas struna

    so im not a guitar player but i have heard people say power chords are lame can you tell me why?

  10. Zim Babwe

    Very useful, but the harmonies afterwards and the James riffing after this riff is where the real hard stuff comes.

    I've seen tabs close to what was discussed in this video, I haven't seen tabs even mention the full part James riffs with B, C and D power chords (among others).

  11. Flop

    Might sound dumb but…Slither by Metallica? The main riffs? Its one of those weird 90s metallica riffs, and I havent found a single accurate tab

  12. Karl Lawson

    Uncle Ben, could you please show us how to play "Lay It Down" by Ratt the RIGHT WAY, I've seen several different versions of this cool riff, and the tabs I've seen do not make sense. Thanks!!

  13. arglbargl

    "if you can get through the first like two, two and a half minutes of this tune, you're a beast."

    apparently i've been a beast since like 9th grade. and all this time i thought it was just good masturbation technique

  14. Kyle S.

    I just gotta say that I love that you do lessons on sweet-ass riffs. Thank you, Uncle Ben, for teaching the metal children to groove.

  15. Tordenstein

    Thanks ben!
    We really need a video of Slayer's Raining blood (the part thats impossible to figure out)

  16. Jens Larsen

    You should consider adding some shadow to the text in your thumbnail. Makes it much easier to read 🙂

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