Auld Lang Syne Jazz Guitar Chord Melody


  1. Will Kriski

    @knuckleheadzup01 phase 1 was learning and memorizing jazz tunes, then over time reharmonizing on the fly using cycle of fourths, tritone subs, diatonic movements, etc

  2. BryceGuitarGlen

    @wkriski Looking at the sample charts he has on his site, they look like a great resource. A bit pricey for me at the moment though. Perhaps i'll have it worked out by ear in time for new years eve.

  3. Will Kriski

    @BryceGuitarGlen it's a Robert Conti transcription for the most part – check his signature chord melody arrangements

  4. Will Kriski

    @shredicon86 thanks! the last 3 chords are Dbmaj7, Gbmaj7/6 and Fmaj7#11 if that helps 🙂

  5. kostaVHjovanovic

    @wkriski man you are awsome , ill contant you ass soon as get some confidence and a decent web cam, i rly appriciate the reply and support , thx man :))

  6. Will Kriski

    @kostaVHjovanovic maybe we can do webcam lessons, I teach people all over the world 🙂 I learn mostly buy buying lessons online and books and studying a lot. I went to jazz college a few years ago but I didn't learn too much 🙂 Keep up the practice

  7. kostaVHjovanovic

    you play great ,been folowing you 4 some time , i am trying realy hard and practising every day and i would like to reach your knowlege .but since i can reach you *i live in serbia 🙁 * can you tell me here plese: did you go 2 music school or are you self tought in musical theory? 🙂

  8. Will Kriski

    @shredicon86 yeah, these songs can take a while to learn so I started early! 🙂

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