How to Get a Relaxed & Peaceful Playing With 2 Chords


  1. Carl Dyke

    I appreciate "Guitar Control" contributions to the beginner and intermediate guitar player. Another useful lesson that I will definitely be moving around the neck to different chords. Shawn, I like your approach to teaching, keep us beginners in mind and continue "Showing" placement on the neck of the guitar.. Thanks…

  2. John Hunter

    Being a Major 7th Fan this a beautiful lesson. Hey Shawn thanks for sharing this one!

  3. Michael Copps

    Such a familiar tune. Not "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" but similar; No? Piece, Mahn!!

  4. Red Clay

    Shawn, I've said it before and I'll continue to say it. You guys are some of THE BEST Guitar teachers on Youtube. And hopefully you are profiting greatly from the videos that you put out.

    You Sir along with the others on this channel, deserve whatever financial profit you get. Because you are helping a lot of aspiring Guitarist with your easy to follow lessons. And your easy personality just adds to it, because you make people feel comfortable and also make people feel like they can trust you when you say that they can do it.

    Because as you well know, beginning Guitarist can easily get discouraged, especially in the beginning once you start to feel pain in your finger tips and hands. Because they dont yet understand that it will go away quickly, if you just stick with it. By simply playing for 15-20mins a day.

    So great lesson as usual and keep up the good work.

  5. downhill2400

    Nice sound, fine lesson! Actually what I was picking up on, was how to move from a chord into an arpeggios and back and it's all in here!!

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