How To Spice Up Your G Runs 2 – Bluegrass Guitar Lesson


  1. Kenneth Harris

    Marcel, you are the best! Yes, i will pay attention in class, not talk to neighbor or distract Honored Teacher with requests for tabs with a hand full of gimme and a mouth full of much obliged. Under your kind tutelage, i am now prepared to ignite the bluegrass world with a blistering Clinch Mountain Back-step that will stun listeners three rows back. Maybe only two rows as I dont know B part. (Plan is to direct crowd to lemonade stand near conclusion of A part). Thank you so much for the tab!

  2. Lance Clark

    Dear Biggest, Baddest Billy Goat in the Barnyard,

    Thanks for the video! Are there runs in other keys? I mean, technically you could capo up and still use the same G run patterns, but do other keys have their own runs?

  3. Nakos Marker

    Awesome video! So you're like, doing more like this? There's this video of Alison Krauss or whatever, and the song is in D I guess? And the guitar guy does like, a chromatic thing over a G in the intro? It'd be totally awesome if you put that in your next vid. Also can I get ummm… a Sprite…? no, lemonade actually.

  4. Tab Lature

    (Right you are — not my real name) Thanks for the recognition.
    Yeah, "Three Octaves". Now, why didn't I think to call it that? Better way of doing it, too. Now I have to learn how to do it all over again, darn you. Thanks a lot, pal.
    Still lovin' the vids. Best learning channel on the tube. Keep 'em comin'.

  5. StrumHollow

    I asked a student today if he knew about the G-runs. He replied that he knew about the turkey trots……. So I showed him something I call the C -run boogie.

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