25 II V I – Best Jazz Guitarists of the 25 people


  1. Jeff Bostic

    Found this recently, thanks to the poster. Really good licks to learn from my favorite jazz guitarists. Thanks NewJazz 🙂

  2. Jon Carr

    Thank you – there's a life time's study in just this lesson! Also made me aware of some players I hadn't already heard of.

  3. Wowie Zowie

    Oh this is a beauty but where is the greatest of them all Mr.Johnny Smith?

  4. James Anderson

    4:19 is sick, an excellent choice as Jonathan often plays those type of full length movements during concerts and I awlays marvel at them! The last Julian Lage lick showed the extremely advanced understanding he has with flat ninth and major seventh on the G minor 7 and sort of A major arpeggio tones over the C7 to get the flat ninth, the 13th and major third. To be such a master at such a young age! .

  5. roger weafer

    great guitar lesson, I am having some difficulty between telling the 5's from the 6's however….thanx again!

  6. Spring King


  7. Menno Trip

    Where did you get the Rosenwinkel lick from? Btw great work! Keep it up 😉

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