Blues Guitar Lesson Using Tasty Triads


  1. Joe B

    Marty the King, teaching those tasty triads and giving out free guitar courses and still posts videos about every single day!!!! Thank you so much for this video sir, as always Marty, you are the KING of youtube man, thank you for ALL your hard work, it's not gone unnoticed sir and you continually motivate to play on those strings everyday. Every time i get a notification from you channel, i just smile and grin and drop whatever im doing, grab my guitar and play along with the videos and put down notes in my green trusty notebook like henry winkler on the waterboy lol

  2. Don 555

    That was an Awesome bit of Jamming on that Gorgeous Tele to go with a Great Lesson Cheers Marty have a Brilliant Weekend "Keep on Rockin" 🀘🎸😎

  3. Dunder Svenska

    hey marty just want to say that i appreciate all the work you do to teach all your stuff. keep it up man

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