Chop Suey! System Of A Down Easy Lesson


  1. livestrong296

    This is what LJB does, which no other youtube teacher even dares. Thankyou LJB , you are certainly God.

  2. Kederly Fritz

    Thank you so much, any way you could explain us strumming pattern more detailed? Like with arrows or just say UP-UP-DOWN-UP whenever needed

  3. Alex Siclitaru

    True Love Waits by Radiohead, super easy version if you can too, you are the best, thanks John!!

  4. Onion

    I always keep coming back to this channel when I have to learn classic metal stuff on acoustic XDD. Great work Mr.Blackmore . <3

  5. Aaron Cantu

    Amazing man! Damn good teacher!
    Can you do behind blue eyes by limp bizkit?

  6. Kenji Jurado

    Awesome dude!!! Enjoying your videos as always. Thanks for rising up the day πŸ‘πŸ»

  7. matthew jackson

    Nice video! I was wondering if you can do some John Mayer songs, maybe like stop this train or gravity

  8. Robert

    Great job! But can you make a tutorial for Before I forget by Slipknot on acoustic guitar?

  9. Ahmed ben Abdalleh u

    I love your work bro thanks for this lesson I really enjoy the song one of my favorites I love System of a Down

  10. DRajM'bm Viper

    It is good…if you could break down the chords for Alone by Heart…i will be very grateful.

  11. Jesse Rey

    Man me being a beginner at the guitar I found your channel through top 10 easy songs play with the pic or whatever but ever since I was just been watching this learning more and more keep up the amazing work

  12. eddt430

    I'm sweating just watching. Let's get cracking.. 🧐

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