Different Way To Play Pentatonic Scales


  1. Wael

    Hi Dave i can improvise while playing pentatonic but i don't know actually all the notes of the fretboard yet. Does it matter ?

  2. Bradley Stone

    Cool lesson… I've been trying to do this more too. Cabo Wabo by VH Eddie uses this technique throughout the song (or at least it sounds like it). Descending during the solo, near the end of the song too. 3 "left" then 3 "right". https://youtu.be/ZL8yWpUPMCY?t=3m18s

  3. Roger Fleming

    I think this is a great embellishment, but doing it for too long starts to sound too random when I hear it for a length of time. It does keep connecting riffs interesting though!

  4. Helio Gonzalez

    Its funny i taught myself with ur method without not knowing it. It justs makes to be as free and less mechanical as possible.

  5. Cliff Wise

    Great lesson. At 14:00 you referenced an earlier video where you combined the CAGED and 3 note per string scales. Could you please provide a link or date of that video? Thanks. C

  6. Edgard Ucha

    David, for me its a VERY useful lesson! Great video and would like to se more like this one. My request would be on picking techniques, when to use economy, altern and thung like that,. Thank you for your time in making videos David. Regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina

  7. Michael Schneider

    robert baker has a similar way of sending tab, but when his is sent its a pdf file, i dont have to use anything else to open the pdf file or extracting anything, you may want to look into that, i always have a problem opening your tabs.

  8. Bill Rand

    David great lesson as ever,,is it my imagination or have you lost weight ?

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