Neck Shimming is a THING- more adventures in guitar repair!


  1. Alex R

    When i "bought" (actually they almost gave it away ^^) my vintage bass i couldnt lower the bridge enough because the bridge pickup was to high and couldnt be lowered, so i shimmed the neck with 2 very thin picks next to each other and now it has a perfect action and everything is solid and stable
    couldnt you have glued a stick into the stripped nut with some super power mounting glue stuff and then just taken it off and replaced it with a new one?

  2. Chris Franklyn

    I fixed a £20 eBay guitar like this. The action was ok, but to do so the tiny bolts in the bridge were sticking up like a bed of nails. The shim I used was from the clear plastic windows in a child's toy packages (slimmer than a credit card). Worked a treat. It's addictive once you start fiddling with guitars. 🙂

  3. CJ99

    I had to do a shim on a strat I built couple years ago after I did a goofus thing during during the whole process. Used an old business card which worked out well enough.

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