Open D Tuning Guitar Lesson – EASY CHORD SHAPES!


  1. RiaLoveridge

    Hi Andy, thanks for all your tutorials you are my favourite teacher!! I was wondering if you would do a lesson on playing Iron and Wines 'Naked as they came'. You've taught me how to finger pick and id love you to teach me this one!! Thanks Ria

  2. guloguloguy

    I always assume that most musicians, and most tunes, are played with the guitars tuned to "STANDARD tuning" (E,A,D,G,B,E), but, perhaps, this is seldom the case?!… IDK?!…. WTF?!….

  3. Al Churcher

    Thanks ANDY. Been meaning to explore open turnings & backed off from dropped D & DADGAD – but this is completely eye-opening & inspirational. Thanks again!

  4. rikiodevon

    Excellent Andy from one teacher to another Thanks for avery helpful Very articulate and Well explained introduction to The Wonders of Open Tunings .. Lovely stuff

  5. Tal von lee ne

    Ed sheerans Photograph is played with DADGAD tuning. Now i understod more of what i was doing when playing it

  6. Angel Ramos

    Can you do Dark Tower by Miniature Tigers, I cant find a tutorial anywhere and the tabs online are confusing, people please like this to help me out πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜

  7. rest gab

    Sir!? Can you please make a tutorial for β€œIm a mess” by Ed Sheeran… Its a good song but I cant find a good guitar tutorial…

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