Plini Turns Your Power Chords Into Awesome Prog Riffs!


  1. SuperCharleh

    Ahahahaha died when he said everyone in the prog world has the attention span of about 1.5 bars

  2. Blaze Herty

    You look so calm and serene, as your music. A real pleasure to listen to you man!

  3. James Tottle

    Love seeing how huge plini is now. I remember banging on about his music to anyone who would listen for years. One special guitarist and super considerate song writer. Legend!

  4. Nicklaus Books

    Headless guitars and organic cotton V-necks is the proper start to any prog adventure.

  5. ändrew Salter

    As a guitar player of 20 years I respect the hell out of the modern prog dudes but fuck I find the music painfully boring to listen to !!! Were are the songs ?? And what he said about most prog fans attention span is the reason I find it so boring !! Too much going on ,you can never focus on one idea and let it breath and do its thing !!! Its all very fancy but with nothing to say ! But that's just my opinion

  6. Diego

    You can change your E powerchord 🤘 to a EMaj7b5add9 😁

  7. Trance 9

    Great video…helps me with some bass stuff myself…and dig the Frampton pic.

  8. rillloudmother

    Sheez I forgot the way guitar mags try to teach music . It's like something totally random for no reason pulled out of thin air. so if you don't know theory you're pretty much stuck, and if you know theory, you don't need this since you can just transcribe the music you like and see what they are actually doing.

  9. Tom

    obviously a very decent guitarist but wish the chorus wasnt there.
    ps. modern progressive music…check out Physics House Band.

  10. Bill Knott

    I think I wrote this yesterday😂 very clear and useful explanation. Thanks for your time.

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