Ricky’s Quickies – Articulation


  1. MrBiggysmalls87

    Descending into a downward spiral of not picking is a bad habit. You gotta pick Rick!…nah you’re literally one of the best guitarists I’ve ever heard. And I’ve heard a lot. Was listening to some Robert Johnson today. I know my shit. And you sir, are the shit.

  2. Mal Reynolds

    Way easier to talk about it… than actually DO IT.

    ( Unless your name is: MICHAEL ROMEO )

  3. wairtonjr

    Awesome lesson!
    btw, the first link seems to be broken, it gives me 404

  4. misterjohn john

    Are hammer-ons from nowhere
    a tiny bit 'easier' on a
    on a varnished fretboard?
    For some reason, maybe subconsciously? i find maple fretboard easier than rosewood to achieve descending legato with hammer-ons
    [EVH comes to mind]
    Descending Legato is very difficult to get smooth.

  5. screamo14

    aren't you gonna hope that we are all doing extreeeeeeeeeemely well out there? 'cause we know you are..

  6. Regan Hines

    In 60 seconds we are gifted something that will take me 3 years to get haha thanks for the quickie, slickie ricky with the sicky licky

  7. David Aghamalyan

    However when you hove to roll your finger over two or three strings this teachnique gonna fail🤔

  8. iamjakt

    In a thousand years when I can play arpeggios that fast this tip is going to come in handy.

  9. XgamersXdimensions

    Do you have any tutorials on how to do Hammer Ons from Nowhere and any exercises to develop that technique?

  10. Sitha Puth

    "Here my tips for today… I know you can't play it.. bye.. CHEERS…" -Rick

  11. shon m

    your finger accuracy is mind blowing. go ahead an tell us the truth rick your really a robot arent ya. maybe even a cyborg .. idk great stuff though ,keep up the good work buddy.

  12. HeadbangoO

    My hand just doesn't agree with that first E-A extension at that speed…

  13. Duncan E

    How come it’s the Strat always now? No probs but it’s interesting because I have been reaching the same conclusion.

  14. W S

    Does anyone know good isolation exercises for the picking hand? My legato has come a long way and my fretting hand has built up endurance, but when I bring my right hand into the mix it just doesn't feel right. Not really any pain, just jittery, and my other fingers (the ones not holding the pick) quickly tense up.

  15. Everton Oliveira

    Rick Graham … I am from Brazil and I am very much your fan and I would like to know if you could make your studies available in pdf so that I can study. Congratulations on your work.

  16. 420 Rox

    Hey Rick, just wondering how you deal with raw, tender and painful fingertips? Just getting back into guitar after 10 years and its damn painful, lol.

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