Tatyana Ryzhkova performs M. Giuliani on Hauser I Guitar (1916)


  1. David Jefferies

    Beautifully played. The marvellous op 15. One of my favourite giuliani pieces along with op61. Thank you for posting, great way to start the day. X. djuk

  2. Alexander Eisner

    Чудненко! Ходят слухи , что Таня читает коментарии…

  3. Lian Jennings

    Tatyana is the Top Cat. Her playing outshines even the greatest. Clean, crisp & charismatic. It's not the Guitar it's her.. Girl Power indeed…

  4. Douglas Chapman

    I'm back, no apologies for saying . . . your music is even better on hearing again. I'm sure Giuliani would have been proud, music that suits you, Ms Ryzhkova–lilting, happy and fulfilled.

  5. Frankg3rd

    Someone tell me how the masters memorize all their repertoire ? Please help !!!!!

  6. Walter santos Santos

    A sua beleza fantástica Tatiana Rizhkova somou-se ao seu invejável talento habitando em minh"alma como algo sagrado. Que linda e brilhante concertista.

  7. John Garaguso

    Makes me want to throw my guitar in the street and watch a bus smash it into a bazillion pieces..lol. She is absolutely fabulous.

  8. Paul Bras

    A great guitar! Great definition, separation and clarity. Good dynamic range. A relatively strong sound from the D and G string.
    I wonder if the guitar is loud? I assume that this 100 year old wood is dry and rock hard? Other commentor is valid, the wooden floor and empty room probably accentuate the natural sound of this guitar.
    Great piece choice for her, explicitly well played and she added plenty of her own interpretation….. in good taste.
    Her enticingly beautiful looks make it a bit more difficult to concentrate solely on the music :-).

  9. Peli Groso

    There's something about watching beautiful people doing beautiful art that requires beautiful technique.

  10. Nick Robinson

    When you listen to such a great guitar player, it makes your skin tingle… I can't find any faults in her technique. Beautiful, well-groomed tone and lots of power reserve for the fortissimos. The sound is balanced elegantly on both treble and bass. Beautiful instrument. Needles to say the performer is well up to the challenge. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Randy Saxa

    Anyone know why the color of wood changes between the 9th and 10th frets? Original?… or perhaps a repair to the neck of the guitar?

  12. Jose Luis Muñoz Peña

    Estoy feliz y orgulloso de que todavia haya personas que disfruten y conozcan esta música ,no como el reggaeton o trap.

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