The WORST Guitar Lesson EVER! [Message In A Bottle] music video


  1. Lawrence Maltz

    Hey everyone.
    I have just a few comments on this video. When Bob Harris approached me on making videos I had little idea of what he had in mind. So we started making a video on how to fingerpick which morphed into this music video. As you can see we took inspiration from our childhood hero’s, the great sight gag artists, the Three Stooges.
    As a disclaimer, anyone who studies or studied from me has never been subjected to any type of violence. In fact, most folks would say I have great patience. I love teaching as much as I love playing music.
    As far as this arrangement of “Message in a Bottle”. Well, all I can say is that it’s one of the hardest songs I’ve ever arranged. Thanks to the Police for writing it.
    Finally, a note on Bob Harris. A great guitarist, an incredible producer and sound engineer. He is truly my brother in this messy music biz. We both hope you enjoy this vid.

  2. Veronica Martindale

    Oh Bob and Larry, this message in a bottle is hilarious. Just what I needed. It should go viral. You both deserve another 🍺 🍻 beer. Xx

  3. discover3d1

    a great take on a favourite tune of mine from the Police, and a fun video to boot , the next stan and Ollie possibly..  or is it  more Statler and Waldorf  the Muppet characters…lol

  4. yandeni

    As many "Thanks" to you two, Larry and Bob as I heard "Okay" in this video, tha't is minimum 60!
    Larry's Solo Fingerstyle CD is a generous and sumptuous gift! I relish his personal, sensitive and brilliant interpretation. 60 "Merci" in all languages. Viv

  5. Bly Cat

    Hey Bob, I loved it!!! SAVAGE! HA! I'm sure that's how beginner guitar players think some times. Great video!!!

  6. Don 555

    That's a bit like when My Dad tries to teach Me something lol That Message in a Bottle sounded Brilliant Cheers Bob 👍🎸😎

  7. karine

    Your title reminds me of the worst guitar lesson I ever took; it was 10 years ago when I was suffering from anorexia and I decided I would take on guitar lessons in order to escape this terrible physical and mental state I was in. So I went to this recommended guitar school in my town and there was this man supposed to teach me how to play; he asked me to play anything I knew just to see what was my "degree" of knowledge, so I started playing Black bird from the beatles in a picking way (I learnt it in a week, working on it night and day) . I had not come out of my house for about 10 months so I was very emotional. I played it and the guy started yelling at me " what the fuck? where do you think you are? no fingerstyle here, no picking! you'll play everything with a pick! ". I did not say a word and I left. This horrible lesson, payed in advance, cost me 52 dollars.

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