Bye the way do you ever tackle any 38 special , such as Caught up in you , or Fantasy Girl, or any good 38 rpckers with the lead ?, I am learning a good portion of Fantasy Girl from Jeff Carlisi online now but he is not taking it all the way home with all the leads.. Just Curious Keep up the Great Work Later AJ


    Hey Jackson,, Outstanding job.. Enjoyed playing it a lot. but don't you wish you could just reach through the Puter screen and apply some badly need Gibbs therapy up side the heads on some of these MORONS !! That write Comments that don' t belong on this site..( you know who you are TRICK OR TREAT , TRICKS ARE FOR KIDS NUFF SAID!!

  3. Jules Sanchez

    Great song, awesome job !! I am new at guitar playing, but I never realized that this song had so many chords. LOL, I will try and try but I'm not sure if I will ever remember and be able to play that many chords in a song just over 2 minutes long. Thanks for all the info, you did a great job on this lesson !!

  4. Larry Lyons

    What a fine tutorial you have here. Loved the 9ths–broadened my horizons. Also loved the Bb. Thanks a million.

  5. Graham Lawrence

    I agree there is some good stuff in here, but there is some slightly strange stuff as well (as there is on other tutorials for this song on YouTube). I've been playing this myself since the 1960s, and (a) the rhythm at the start is a quick up-down-up on the top strings, not a kind of down-up-down on a low string, (b) I've never used C9 (or C sharp 9!), only C7, which fits and sounds perfectly fine – I know different musicians can do different things, but if you're learning this for the first time, C7 is a damn sight easier than C9; (c) I've always used more changes to Em between the use of Am, which again "sounds right" to me even if I use it a little more often than the original. It's a slightly less efficient way of playing A major as well, trying to bar with one finger (which will tend to mute the 1st string) rather than the conventional 3-fingertips way. Still, at least this does use B7 (correctly) where some tutors seem to think it should be B major!

  6. Albert Arvizu

    i am hooked ! you broke it down so i can learn this ,great song . many thanks …

  7. eGliderman

    Jackson, great job! I'm a 60s guy and I'm trying to learn all of the Beatles tunes. Thanks for your tutorials and keep it up.

  8. Frank Kolton

    Nice little tutorial.  Something tells me you put some time in as a working musician, you have an ear for the little details, and that's what separates the good guitarists from the rest.  LBJ was president when I first picked up a guitar, so I can usually pick up a song by ear and have it down before it ends, but I need to repeat the "listen and play" quite a few times to pick up most of the details.   Well done and a big thank you.

  9. David Fleming

    Well, I am a happy dude. I specifically looked for videos for this song to find out  one thing only: what,exactly,  was the chord being  being played that, apparently Paul was proud of…that B Flat. Awesome. Thank you sir.  

  10. Bart May

    Thanks Jackson for the lesson, Great Job. I even bought a Jay Turser Cleopatra!

  11. Peter Saletti

    Reasonably helpful… but there is no C#9 on the record. There ARE passing notes in the vocals that imply that chord. Also the 1st verse alternates Am Em Am Em. Subsequent verses go to the Am Em Am shown here. In addition, Paul did not own a yacht in 1964. We Beatle fans can be sticklers for detail.

  12. Mario Alejandro

    Muy buena lección muchas gracias. Me podría decir la marca de su Guitarra ? Será Irvine ? porque tengo un bajo violin excelente que tiene el mismo Logo en la pala que su guitarra.
    Muy buen sonido

  13. Mr. Squirrel

    That is a hard change….and then to that B Flat is the key to the whole the change…that is song writing. Thanks for your very good work…..!!!

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