Three Little Birds – Bob Marley (Easy Songs Beginner Guitar Lesson BS-101) How to play


  1. 2coool Foskool

    Easiest way to play in a cord is just use your pointing finger and press down instead of using three fingers ,second fret

  2. Michael Dean

    Now, I have to go write the lyrics down and figure our when to change chords because he just breezed over that too. He just sang and said change to (blank chord) grr

  3. Michael Dean

    OK I'm a huge Justin fan and have been following his beginner course, BUT this video is all over the place and is aggravating the hell out of me. Why he didn't teach this song in ORDER and with lyrics is beyond me. Also think it should be taught off beat because it sounds WAY better that way… So can someone please help me??
    Is the strum order?
    Verse: AEADAE (all 1 bar)
    Chorus: ADA (all 2 bars)

  4. RHComputerGeek

    I've been playing for a bit but been spinning my wheels, I love the A chord method, my fingers were too fat to do the 3-finger A traditionally, I've been doing a mini-bar but I'll try that and show my son too 🙂

  5. purana deva

    thank you Justin for your dedication and love. with gratitude a begginer 🙂


    OK, So,  (lol), I wonder if you'll ever see this comment?
    I'm not a "dude"
    love your teaching and you! Thanks a million

  7. Dan B

    Didn't your Mother ever tell you not to wear a hat indoors. 🙂

  8. Nic Constable

    I'm 59 this year and learning guitar, I love your online lessons, they are really helpful. Thank you Justin

  9. Shaun Boys

    Hi I have just bought my 1st guitar and I need to learn sooo much. please could you tell me the link for the start of the first stage of training from Justin. I can learn so much from this guy.

  10. Abdel Hakim Singerling

    thnx Justin for the lesson you gaveto me. my english is verry basic but it was good to follow even for A dutchman like me

  11. Yoda Darkness

    D chord is the bane of my existence currently….not including this endocrinology exam I have tomorrow 😛

  12. steven cutcher

    your a really good teacher so far with these vids accept this video Its hard to hear you 

  13. Rab Haw

    Guitar teacher who would have you bobbing your head up and down  like a twat if you followed him. every song has the hom-head bob lol. 

  14. Jason Kotker

    so when you're using the DDUUD strumming pattern do you still only strum the 5 strings for A chord and 4 for D chord?

  15. Gabriel

    Soooo you're NOT playing the A chord as you actually recommend it in the Beguiners Course??? :/

  16. Vivian Agan

    Justin makes so much sense. I may learn to pick a guitar watching him!!! 

  17. Ron Hunter

    Justin 🙂 i wanted to say thank you for giving me hope . because of you i do feel hopeful with learning the guitar 

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