5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Guitar Playing Skills Even If Your Time is Limited + Q&A


  1. YourGuitarSage

    Hey gang! Thanks to all that came out to the Live stream and thanks to all you guys that are watching the replay! Hit me with your feedback and comments below. Do y'all like the new studio look and sound? More videos coming very soon. e πŸ™‚

  2. Daniel Craddock

    You know when Tommy E. Has more to do withe me. At least Tommy sends me a comment every once and a while. Why did your head get so big. Have fun as you took a lot of things I thought you could use. You can do great things. But if you look back. You will find out a lot of things I said.

  3. leffy

    Hello i'm french …I dont understand because I'm youg and my english is very bad and I will like a sous titre please (i'm 13 years old )

  4. Mj Kaz

    Great work thank you for your effort this video very helpfull TY cheers

  5. Semhal Kebede

    Heyy Erich, first off youre videos are so effing informative i absolutely love anytime i face a problem i just google you and the related problem but i have a question ik you said theres no such thing as hands being too small but mine are pretty small but im still getting it how would you say i can stretch it

  6. David Giera

    Great info. Need to get to the meat of the subject a little faster. Although I did find another 45 minutes of net time to practice while watching πŸ˜‰

  7. Terry Woodcock

    @yourguitarsage So, what amps are you getting rid of? Been wanting a tube amp for a while. If the price is right, I'm interested. I live in Cookeville TN so not too far from you. I could go pick it up. What do you say?

  8. Buck TV

    I like your professor look with your glasses Erich, not fond of the dark black background. I try to watch all your live videos!

  9. Eric D

    Is it just me or was the audio cutting in and out the whole time . . . πŸ€”
    Keep up the good work Erich, always enjoy your lessons/discussions

  10. Mary Beth Hempel

    I am so enthused with how you are so giving! Very Cool! You are making some super happy people.

  11. Mary Beth Hempel

    Thank you Erich! You always give tons of info.! I have been busy and slacking on my guitar practicing and getting back into a schedule today. I like to watch you because you encourage me!! Thank you again!! πŸ™‚

  12. Renaissance Man

    Hand putty is good for hand exercise and the Vox G2 Mini amp is great for practice and it has different effects and models and uses batteries and portable.

  13. Krusty Buzzard

    Erick I oun an old d28 that I put 10s on so my dad could play it again before he died.10s in a polyweb.love those strings. Anyway I haven't had any problem with intonation with it as a mater of fact it was made in 57 no truss rrod.neck is perfect never been reset.although the slight belly bulge says it could finaly use one.but they sound great from it.and I can bend a half step fairly easy with it.hole step is a bit tough though.

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