Amadeus (Director’s Cut) (1984)


  1. Steve Leal

    They ruined it by adding the directors cut….where can i download the first one. The original.there is a reason it was perfect the 1st time…im so pissed

  2. Virginia Vidal

    OMG!!! I love this movie… but the end I cannot believe how Mozart's body was put in a mass grave… that's so sad :[

  3. Music Man

    i quivered in some moments… verge of tears in others…. trembled….. truly breathtaking… a work of love…..

  4. athenascurse

    always will follow the tune of tears when he passes. his funeral alone was so very sad. he shouldnt have been thrown away like he was. and we will never know where he rests.

  5. Darrell Doty

    this is with doubt one of the best films ever made !!!! i watched it seems like hundreds of times , never gets old !!!

  6. Yoshi

    Had to buy this. Wanted to keep renting. Great movie.

  7. Elizabeth Barter

    "When God wishes to please his angels, he will summon Bach, when he wishes to please himself, He will call out to Mozart." Final line in the Shaeffer play.

  8. HellBent

    The Director's Cut SUCKS. Watch the original theatrical release or nothing at all.

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