Limp Bizkit – My Way (Guitar Cover by Masuka W/Tab)


  1. Nick Johnson

    This is so much better than the original…! I’m just learning guitar, how long does it take to get this good? 🤩

  2. Nug Yugerts

    U did WAY better than limp on this one
    Usually I give points to the original but u get this one for sure masuka well done

  3. ethomson201

    My man. Think about maybe moving the tabs up a bit on the display. When you pause the video the playback bar gets stuck in front of the tabs. Just a thought. Other than that keep up the great work man I really enjoy your tab vids!

  4. Jackdmf Dmf

    XDXD VC tocou a música do penta kill por min já ganhou muito respeito e meu like kk

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